All Pakistan Network Association (APNA)

All Pakistan Network Association

WEBSITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION is sole property of All Pakistan Network Association. All Pakistan Network Association is non-profit & not having share capital association working for community living in Pakistan.

For any further details Feel free to contact us on office address:

Zeeshan Siddiqui.
Secretary General
+92 300-6003875
Raja Chowk, Gulam Muhammadabad Faisalabad.
Board of Governance
Rana Shahid Nadeem (Xtream Net Pvt Ltd.)
Sheikh Usman (Prime Networks Pvt Ltd.)
Secretary General:
Zeeshan Siddiqui (MicroTel Pvt Ltd.)
Secretary Information:
Sulman Ahmad (InstaCom Pvt Ltd.)
Objective & Aims
  • Strengthening the structure, resources, influence and field of the organizations.
  • Providing unity in developing common solutions to common problems by forming working groups.
  • Organizing workshops, trainings, events and visits for awareness of digital networks so that member organizations get to know each other and establish relations.
  • Organizing research & development projects in information technology (computer networks) fields, making collaboration between associations and education institutions.
  • Establishing Civil Society, Dialogue Groups on common issues and problems in digital networks.
  • Network performance goals: Strengthen alignment between organizational and network goals.
  • Ensure data security, Safeguard employee and client(user) data from security breaches.
  • Regularly reflect and evaluate networking efforts.
  • Creating cooperation opportunities between non-governmental organizations and public institutions, professional organizations and local administrations.
All Pakistan Network Association has four key aims:
  • 1.Information sharing.
  • 2.Public policy engagement.
  • 3.Collaboration in research & development.
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